Skilled entertainers and travelers, Plutarchs are a nomadic species that can be found on many planets through the galaxy. Tellers of tall tales, they value a good story over the truth. When two Plutarchs meet each other, they’ll often try and one-up each other in their retelling of a favorite tale. Plutarchs lie very well; it’s said that if you’re not careful, they’ll talk you out of your boots and your treasure and have you believing it was all your idea.

Plutarch’s are short and stout (5 ft tall on average), with scaled skin, tails, and dinosaur-like heads. Skilled business folks and negotiators, Plutarchs can amass vast fortunes and are rumored to have a secret planet where all Plutarch wealth is stored in large caverns, hidden from the outside world.

Plutarchs eat less than humans, but require food, oxygen, and water. They can survive in cold conditions, and require only three hours of hibernation every two days.

Plutarch Bonuses:

+2 Charisma

+2 Endurance

+1 Strength