Mysterious and secretive, the Omwati are a noble and long-lived race similar to the Earth legend of elves. With long legs and arms, pale white or blue skin, and shock white or grey hair, they leave an impression everywhere they go. Omwati are an average of 6-7 feet tall.

The Omwati live for an average of 300 years; a 75 year old Omwati is barely out of his teens! With such long lives, they often act smug and like they’re better than other races.

With 300 years+ to learn, the Omwati devote themselves fully to whatever they do, be it mercenary or medic, and learn things quickly and completely.

Omwati require food and water, but can breathe in the emptiness of space. However, they can not breathe underwater, and will need air if they’re swimming.

Omwati Bonuses:

+2 Intelligence

+2 Endurance





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