Fully robotic beings that may look like humans, Androids are fully aware that they aren’t human and don’t try and pretend to be. Androids don’t require food, drink, or oxygen, making them excellent crewmates to have on a spaceship, especially for long journeys and scavenging missions.

Because of their electric systems, Androids are susceptible to damage from radiation or electromagnetic pulses (EM Pulses) which shut down all electronics without shot.

With hard drives instead of brains, Androids are highly intelligent, capable of remembering and learning new things very quickly. Their muscles are computerized, giving them high dexterity and great skill with ranged weapons (blasters, laser weapons, cannons) and things that require accuracy.

Androids require downtime to recharge every two days in order to keep functioning. An Android starts off at 100% charge; every twelve hours, they lose 25% of their charge. With two hours of downtime, an Android can recharge 25%. If damaged in battle, an Android’s power cell might drain more quickly and they may start to lose power faster/be unable to recharge as quickly.

Android Bonuses

+3 Intelligence

+2 Strength

+1 Endurance

Vulnerable to EM Pulses, need to recharge every two days at most. Require a mechanic to heal them/fix any injuries; if parts are not available they may not be able to be repaired.



Binary Computer Language