You’re all alone in The Void, unless you’re a Spacer. Devoting their lives to understanding the universal force (magic), Spacers spend years in deep meditation, learning to manipulate the fabric of the universe.

Legend has it that Spacers can teleport, speak to each other over large distances, and find things no one else can find, but it’s hard to know what’s fact and fiction. Upon joining the Spacers Guild, all initiates take a vow of secrecy, swearing to reveal nothing to the outside world. Stories passed around cantennas are full of contradictions and fearful whispers. When a Spacer is walking down the street, people cross to the other side to avoid them.

Spacers can do magic with the help of gauntlets they wear around their wrists. Each gauntlet holds a certain amount of power charges, and must be placed into Rest Mode to recharge. Every spell takes a certain amount of power, and when a gauntlet has been emptied to zero, the Spacer is incapable of magic.

Spacer Bonuses:

+2 intelligence

+2 dexterity

Spacers speak Basic and a secret Spacer language that they can use to leave hidden messages to other Spacers.

DM Note: Gauntlets recover ½ a power charge for every turn they spend in rest mode. A Spacer may transfer a power charge to another Spacer’s gauntlet (this takes one turn.)