When the dust clears from a blaster fight, the last man standing is probably going to need some patching up. Enter the Medic, a trained healer and scientist who knows the human, alien, and cyborg body like the back of their hand/tentacles.

Medics are able to heal and diagnose problems using their training and medical tools, which they carry with them in a “Black Hole Bag” that can hold a lot more than you’d think. But medics also learned years ago to tap into the forces of the universe, and can stabilize injuries even without their tools using what we’d think of as magic. A medic without their bag can stop an injury from getting worse and can offer a one-shot healing blast (one time per person, one time per day. So if three people are injured in a fight, the medic can heal all three one time each day.)

Medics may have worked in the military or other armed forces, but are very valuable and can not heal themselves without their tools. Putting a medic in the middle of a fight can be a risk, but their knowledge of anatomy make them highly effective at disabling enemies.

Medic Bonuses:

+2 Intelligence

+1 Dexterity

DM Note: 1 Healing per person, per day– roll a D6 to see how many hit points the patient earns back

Medics can not heal Androids, but mechs can.

If a medic chooses conscientious objector (pacifist) status, you can heal 3 times, per person, per day BUT you cannot and will not consciously cause harm to any living entity that can express intelligence, which means you can’t participate in a fight. You can destroy non-intelligent/aware beings.