Traveling through space is not easy or cheap, and when you get a broken flux capacitor or a shorted out warp coil, you’re going to need a Mech on hand to keep your ship in the sky. Mechs generally avoid fighting, preferring instead to focus on technological pursuits. Engine needs fixing? They’ve got it. Need a speeder fixed? On it. Upgraded blaster? Piece of cake!

While some Mechs will prefer to spend their time onboard a ship, hidden in the engine room, others take advantage of their technological skills to take on freelance missions. Hacking a bank vault isn’t that much different than bypassing a nav computer after all.

Mechs are highly intelligent, but not very strong and will need protecting in a close combat fight, whether that’s from good armor, a good shipmate, or a good shield generator.

Mech Bonuses:

+3 Intelligence

+1 Dexterity

DM Note: Mechs can repair Androids (medics can not.) A mech can only work on  one thing per turn, so they can’t be fixing a computer and fixing an android. To see how much damage they can repair on an Android per turn, roll a D4.