With so many planets and peoples out there in the void, someone has to work at helping everyone get along. Diplomats pass messages between people, working as liaisons for governments and groups. Well-spoken and intelligent, diplomats are skilled at finding ways to end conflict and convince others that their way is the best one.

But passing messages can often be code for “spying,” when it comes to diplomats. Secrets are power and diplomats are all about working behind the scenes to control who’s in power in any given situation. While they’re talking a room down from a fight, they’re also sizing up the fighters to see who’s going to come out on top. Their understanding of behavior means that they’re as good at starting fights as solving them.

Diplomats need to be stealthy, which means they’ll rarely be seen picking up a weapon in a fight and aren’t skilled with hand to hand combat. In a close fight, they’ll often choose to hide or surrender to avoid death. But never underestimate the power of a polite smile and a little bit of poison…

Diplomat Bonuses:

+2 Charisma

+2 Intelligence