Level Required Name of Ability Description Skill **You can give up a skill to gain back a skill slot**
1 Crew Control Motivate your crew in battle/attack. When used, crew members who are affected receive a +1 in strength for 2 turns plus your charisma modifier (your +Charisma number, determined by your class and race.) Charisma Level 1 skills require 1 skill slot
1 Navigation Read a star chart and program a ship to go to certain coordinates Intelligence
1 Treasure Seeker Notice hidden doors and holds where treasure might be hidden on a ship, port, or planet. Intelligence
2 Swashbuckler Fashion any long stick or pointed object into a sword. Do D6 of damage striking. Strength Level 2 skills require 2 skill slots
2 Pick Pocketing Use slight of hand and light fingers to steal something from an opponent. Roll a Dexterity check to see if successful. Dexterity **You can give up a skill to gain back a skill slot**
2 Juggling Juggle items in the air. Items can be anything from balls to fire to knives. Dexterity
3 Climbing Climb ropes, buildings, or any surface with some kind of handhold. Roll a Strength check to see if you make it to the top. Strength Level 3 skills require 3 skill slots
3 Mutiny Sense betrayal coming; know if an opponent is being truthful or lying. Charisma **You can give up a skill to gain back a skill slot**
3 Stealth Go unseen by enemies. Move quietly, be hidden. Dexterity
4 Survival When injured down to your last five hit points, hit points instantly double to 10. May only be used once per day. Strength Level 4 skills require 4 skill slots
4 Leadership Attract followers to join your crew/crusade. Able bodied creatures within a 20 foot radius will be pushed to join your cause and follow you as leader. If you drop below 10 hit points, your hold on them breaks. Strength **You can give up a skill to gain back a skill slot**
4 Power Play When attacking another ship, crewmen on the other ship will be inspired to join you, and will help disable to ship from within. Charisma

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