Noble and brave, members of The Intergalactic Force are highly trained warriors and fighters. Equipped with strong military grade armor and familiar with blasters and combat, they can hold their own in a fight and then some. Cadets and military specialists are spread throughout the galaxy, so a cadet may be able to call for help if they’re stuck in a difficult position or facing an enemy greater than they are if they’re still actively in the military.

Cadets are highly intelligent and are trained in strategy. They can improvise in tight situations, follow orders, and can read a room for threats and dangerous people.

Because they’re enlisted, cadets may be called to a battle by those of higher rank than they are, and must follow orders given to them by a commanding officer. If a cadet chooses to disobey, they risk court martial, imprisonment, and death, or must choose to flee and leave the cadets behind. A cadet who breaks the law repeatedly (and gets caught) may also be expelled from the service. Cadets who leave the army may decide to become mercenaries, pirates, or try and learn another trade.

Cadet Bonuses:

+1 Intelligence

+1 Endurance

+1 Dexterity